You chose the University of Silesia as the foreign university you want to study at. Take part in the selection procedure at your university. Contact your lecturers or your Polish teacher and the department responsible for international cooperation at your university. Start at your uni, we’re waiting at the finishing line in Katowice.

Take part in selection for studying and training with the Erasmus+ programme.

One of the places to find the latest information about recruitment is the site:

Have you been nominated to study or train at the University of Silesia? Email us about your arrival: and register in the e-pass system:

Think about where you want to study, what the foreign university has to offer, what you will gain choosing this particular university. Think about the influence of the visit on your knowledge, cultural competencies and skills in foreign languages.

In the e-pass system, provide all the personal data necessary, specify the approximate time of your arrival and departure, choose your course (Polish studies), choose your hall of residence ( – if you are going to study international Polish studies, Polish philology, promotion and crisis communication, cultural studies, media culture, classical philology etc. at the Faculty of Philology in Katowice, choose one of the halls of residence in Katowice-Ligota; if you are going to study modern languages taught at the Faculty of Philology in Sosnowiec, choose a hall of residence in Sosnowiec).

Choose a partner university (if you want to study): or a receiving organisation (if you want to do a traineeship) and make yourself familiar with its studies/traineeships offer.

Check, find out and make sure that the agreement your university has with the one you choose includes student exchange. In case of going to non-EU countries (K107 programme), you need to check that regularly – the offers in this section of the Erasmus+ programme change every year.

Decide whether you want to take part in the Orientation Week adaptation programme. We thoroughly recommend it, it is a great occasion to meet other students, start learning Polish and join us on trips around the area.  

Log in to the USOS system website – for students – student exchange – travel offers, select the university where you want to study and complete all required fields.

Enter all the necessary documents into the system:

– a scan of your passport

– a scan of your visa (if you already have it and if you need it to come to Poland to study or do a traineeship)

– a scan of your insurance policy valid for your stay in Poland

– a photograph for your student ID.

Departure for internships: file the application, along with other necessary documents (a covering letter in Polish, a statement of grades obtained at the latest stage of your studies, a certificate acknowledging your skills in the foreign language you want to study/train in or English; obtain an intial acceptance from the organisation you are going to train with, either in print or an e-mail) at the University of Silesia School of Polish Language and Culture office (address: Katowice, plac Sejmu Śląskiego 1, room 13).
Fill in the Learning Agreement – fields highlighted in yellow are obligatory. Sign the Learning Agreement, ask the Coordinator at your university to sign it, and upload it in the system. Departure for internships: take part in an interview on the day specified by the University of Silesia. The interview will be in Polish. Be prepared to answer the following questions: why you want to go abroad to train within the Erasmus programme, why you chose this particular foreign organisation.

You can choose the subjects you wish to study from the lists to be found on the following sites:




Studia I stopnia (licencjackie)

Studia II stopnia (magisterskie)

Since you are coming to study in Poland, remember to choose the Polish language course! You will find it beneficial in many ways: 6 ECTS points, making the most of your time in Poland, enjoying its culture and student life, studying with classmates from all over the world, finding international acquaintances and friendships!

Once you receive confirmation of your application being accepted, get started with the visit procedure. Make yourself familiar with the information folder and instructions available on the University of Silesia Erasmus Office website.
Wait until your application is accepted by the University of Silesia Erasmus Office. If your application is not accepted within a few days, please contact us: Set up a bank account in Euro – your grant will be transferred.
Once your application is accepted, print it, sign it, ask the Coordinator at your university to sign it, and upload it in the e-pass system. The Erasmus Office will send you an arrival confirmation, which is the basis for your visa application. Fill in the Learning Agreement (LA or TA), sign it and ask the Faculty Coordinator, the Dean of the University of Silesia Faculty of Philology and a representative of the receiving university to sign it.
If you participate in Erasmus KA107 (you come from a non-EU country), you will receive an agreement concerning your engagement with the University of Silesia. Make sure the data in the agreement is correct, sign it and send a scan back. When you arrive in Katowice, remember to file the original of the agreement with your signature at the Erasmus Office.

Fill in the visit application, sign it and register it with the proper Institute:

– international Polish studies, art of writing, Polish philology – University of Silesia School of Polish Language and Culture office, room 13;

– cultural studies, media culture – Instytut Nauk o Kulturze i Studiów Interdyscyplinarnych, room 106;

– library studies – Instytut Bibliotekoznawstwa i Informacji Naukowej, room 318;

– promotion and crisis communication – Instytut Języka Polskiego, room 514;

– Mediterranean studies, classical languages – Instytut Filologii Klasycznej, room 117.

Once your application is registered, make sure it is signed by Faculty Coordinator and the Dean of the Faculty of Philology.

Bring 3 passport photos with you, they will come in handy during the registration process for the particular course of study you choose. On arrival, please come to the University of Silesia School of Polish Language and Culture (address: Katowice, plac Sejmu Śląskiego 1, room 13) – we will help you with the formalities.  

Sign all the required documents and file them with the Erasmus Office. Make an appointment to sign an agreement concerning your grant and your stay abroad.

You are encouraged to send us short stories of your stay, complete with photos. We may put them on our website to encourage others to study/train abroad. You can send the photos to: